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SPEED "Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in Emergency Department"

Making the diagnostic of pulmonary embolism (PE) can be challenging for physicians because no single test is suitable in all cases. The software SPEED is a computerized decision support system intended to help physicians taking care of patients suspected of having PE. SPEED is based on Bayesian principles and a dynamic calculation of PE probability. Using clinical probability estimation and the likelihood ratios of the diagnostic tests, it guides diagnostic decision making step by step until the risk of error is low enough to rule-out or to rule-in PE with confidence. Its scientific bases have been validated by a Committee of international experts and its efficiency has been evaluated in a recently published multicentric randomized trial. SPEED is proved to improve diagnostic decision making more than paper-based educational material.

However, SPEED does not substitute the personal judgment of the physician. The physician is always responsible of his decisions.

SPEED 2009 operates on all Palm OS (Palm, Sunnyvale, California) devices and on emulator of palm OS devices for desktop computers. Versions for desktop computers and other devices are under construction.

See the user manual for more informations