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You will find below informations on our project and on the developments we planned for the next year.
The SPEED software has been conceived for PDA under PalmOS.
It also works on Windows XP/Vista using POSE (Palm OS Emulator).
We are currently working to distribute SPEED for other mobile devices (iPhone, PDA under Windows Mobile).
A Java version for personal computer is under development.

Downloadable versions are accessible free of charge from the personal profil for registered users.

Software disponibility by device

VersionDescriptionDate of availability
SPEED-palmVersion for PDAs running Palm OS systemAvailable
SPEED-emulator PCVersion for POSE (Palm OS Emulator) under Windows XP/VistaAvailable
SPEED-emulator MACVersion for POSE (Palm OS Emulator) under Mac OSDecember 2009
SPEED-PCJava version for personal computer under XP/VistaFebruary 2010
SPEED-MacJava version for personal computer under MacOSMarch 2010
SPEED-Pocket PCJava Version for handheld computers and PDAs running on pocket PC system May 2010
SPEED-iPhoneVersion for iPhone May 2010

Programmed developments for the next year

ModuleEvolutionVersionDate of availability
Diagnostic decision Possibility to define the probability thresholds used to exclude or confirm PE. Basic, SPEED considers than PE can be rule-out when the probability is below 5% and can be rule-in when the probability is upper 85%. 1.1January 2010
DiagnosticStatistics on appropriateness of diagnostic practices1.2February 2010
DiagnosticIntegration of PERC rule (definition of patients who do not require investigation for PE)1.2February 2010
SeverityIntegration of PESI (Pulmonary Embolism Severity Index) for risk stratification1.3April 2010
SeverityIntegration of biomarkers and right ventricular assessment for risk stratification (BNP, NT-proBNP, cardiac troponine Ic or Tc, RV dilatation)1.4May 2010
TreatmentIntegration of the available antithrombotic drugs for PE treatment. 1.5June 2010
TreatmentIntegration of recommendations of antithrombotic treatment according to risk stratification.1.6September 2010
Practices evaluationIntegration of an optional module for evaluation of professional practices for French physicians1.7October 2010
DVTIntegration of a module for the management of deep venous thrombosis suspicions1.8November 2010